Tokyo Big Sight


Today is a story that I went to [Tokyo Big Sight] the other day. Because it was such a time, it was a movement with the best care so as not to become dense. There were many companies exhibiting at the venue on the theme of energy and resource recycling, and I had a little trouble finding a business partner who sent me invitations at a very large venue, but I was able to meet them safely. I felt that many companies are working on their work every day with the hope that they want to "improve convenience in their lives" and "be environmentally friendly". We plan to exhibit next year. This time, it was a tour that also d'y because of my studies. With the theme of being kind to the earth and no useless things every day, I wanted to help you make use of it as a resource, but it was an important time when I reconfirmed my feelings again. Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

Asia Resources International Office Relocation

アジア資源インターナショナル 事務所移転のお知らせ

We moved our office in November 2022. Why all of a sudden!? The reason for the sudden move is "feng shui". I was told that 15 o'clock on November 24th was the best time, and I moved in a hurry with the staff without preparation. Since it was a sudden move, there were no shelves and the documents were still in cardboard, but this time the office is a sunny and bright office in a room of an apartment. And we are currently planning to renovate it to make it a stylish office. The photo is a sweet and delicious moving gift from my sisters who used to work for the same company but now work for different companies. I will do my best while eating delicious food in a warm workplace with sunshine LanguageThis page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.