Tokyo Big Sight

Today is a story that I went to [Tokyo Big Sight] the other day.
Because it was such a time, it was a movement with the best care so as not to become dense.

There were many companies exhibiting at the venue on the theme of energy and resource recycling, and I had a little trouble finding a business partner who sent me invitations at a very large venue, but I was able to meet them safely.
Many companies want to "improve convenience in their lives" and "be environmentally friendly"
I felt that I was working on my work every day.
We plan to exhibit next year.
This time, it was a tour that also d'y because of my studies.

With the theme of being kind to the earth and not being useless every day, I wanted to help you make use of it as a resource,
It was an important time when I reconfirmed my feelings again.