Asia Resources International Office Relocation

アジア資源インターナショナル 事務所移転のお知らせ

We moved our office in November 2022. Why all of a sudden!? The reason for the sudden move is "feng shui". I was told that 15 o'clock on November 24th was the best time, and I moved in a hurry with the staff without preparation. Since it was a sudden move, there were no shelves and the documents were still in cardboard, but this time the office is a sunny and bright office in a room of an apartment. And we are currently planning to renovate it to make it a stylish office. The photo is a sweet and delicious moving gift from my sisters who used to work for the same company but now work for different companies. I will do my best while eating delicious food in a warm workplace with sunshine LanguageThis page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.