Business Guide

Purchase of waste plastic price

We will buy and sell plastic raw materials discharged from molded manufacturers according to the market at that time in the state of molded products, pulverized products, recycled pellets, etc.
We are allowed to purchase product loss products, non-standard products, etc. as they are.

We are allowed to purchase products such as manufacturer's product loss products, non-standard products, etc. as they are.

We also purchase various pellets such as long-term residence products.



Various off-grade buying and selling

We help participate in auctions of "non-standard products" generated at plant factories of material manufacturers in Japan, the United States, and the Middle East, and we also purchase and sell them.

Buying and selling nonferrous metals

We will purchase aluminum, copper, brass, etc. at the market price at that time.
In the case of mixed metal, we ask you to present the mixing rate of each.

Buying and selling used machinery

We purchase and sell spraying equipment and extruders necessary for forklifts and recycled plastics.

Organic fertilizer export

We also purchase and sell organic fertilizers such as silica powder.

Consulting services

We also conduct consultants for overseas expansion in ODA, agriculture, fertilizers, etc.


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