Voice of the customer



Our business with Asian Resources began last year.
The fact that trading continues to date is because we have a wealth of sales channels, handling resins, and trade experience.
We are very grateful to you for your willing response to any consultation, and we ask that you continue to trade with us.
Hokkaido Recycler Company H

Shortly after we launched the company in 2015, we met with Mr. Ikeda, the president.
Being a reliable business partner, with my usual smile, and above all, being a reliable business partner, has led to many transactions. In our growth so long, we are indispensable.
He is a d'ethnest friend who can give me a lot of advice on things other than business.
Ho Chi Minh Trading Company F, Vietnam

Asia is an important partner for us, and we are supported so that we can understand our customers' environmental policies well, respond quickly in line with our policies, and build a deeper relationship of trust between us and our customers.
I look forward to a wide range of knowledge of Asia and the ability to take action to make the most of it.
Shizuoka Prefecture Manufacturer T Company

Reliable and Professional Japanes Trading House
(It is a professional Japanese trading company that can be trusted)
Indian listed company(manufacture)
Listed companies in India (manufacturing companies)

Always appreciate the quick response.
It is a reliable and honest company.
Okinawa Trading Company S

Asia Resources International Co., Ltd. is very helped by prompt response settlement.
In addition, as a trading company, there are many overseas sales channels, and I am very grateful because I can tell you various information and stories about market conditions.
In today's information society, I think that there is a very important factor in leading others to be able to obtain information not only in Japan but also around the world!
Asia Resources International Co., Ltd. is such a company!
Fukuoka Plastics Trading Company Y Company